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How Your Preservation Works
How does this work?
How do I safely ship my bouquet to Pressed Bouquet?
Why do I need to overnight ship my bouquet?
Any tips for shipping ease?
How can I make shipping my bouquet cheaper?
How do I know my bouquet is safe?
When do I place my order?
How long does it take to preserve my bouquet?
How long does a preservation last?
What will my flowers look like?
What flowers work best?
How do I get the best looking display possible?
Do you press all white bouquets?
What frame would look best with my bouquet?
Do you have anything for if my bouquet is already dried?
Can I send a fresh recreation of my original bouquet?
Do you use any chemicals or dyes?
Do I get back any ribbons, vases, etc. I send?
Can I put a photograph/invitation in my bouquet preservation?
What is your cancellation policy?
What if my preservation display arrives damaged?
How much does a pressed bouquet cost?